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New EU VAT regulations mean that we are unable to sell our ebooks directly to readers in the EU, including the UK. However, almost all our books are available in PDF format from Google Books, and most in Kindle format from Amazon. Many can be bought in paperback using links from our product descriptions.

New Formats Our less complex books are now available in three formats -- PDF, ePub, and Mobi. If you are a customer outside the EU, buy one - download all three!

Ebooks sold on this site are DRM-free and printable. We recommend the PDF versions with on-the-page footnotes (and in many cases) high-resolution graphics. PDFs are ideal for readfing not only on PCs but on the iPad and other tablets using a superior PDF reader such as GoodReader.

Humanities Insights are our series of expert introductory studies in Literature, Fiction, History, Philosophy and Theory, designed for busy students and their teachers - top quality introductions of the kind teachers would want their own students to read.

Our Philosophy. We specialise in inexpensive publishing of high quality academic and educational titles. We charge fair prices for readers and offer fair rewards to writers, with the lowest conceivable 'mark-up' to cover administration. For details of how, what, and why we publish, see "About Us". Most of our list is also available in Kindle format from Amazon. Some titles are available as paperbacks. Libraries: All our titles are available to libraries from Ebrary, EBSCO and MyiLibrary.

Using "My Bookshelf". Any book you buy should be downloaded to your computer. A copy stays on your bookshelf to be accessed at any time and will automatically be updated to the latest version.

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Due to new VAT regulations in the EU we are unable to sell ebooks to customers in the EU, including the UK

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